I like playing golf! "Bale" gets confused. Why do many people have problems with their personal hobbies?

27 May

Gareth Bale, the talented wing of Real Madrid, the Spanish club of La Liga, spends his free time during the league break for an online interview with the Eric Anders Lang Show. Golf shows why many are aiming at themselves. He has a hobby of playing golf. The 30-year-old is known for his fascination with golf. In which the person concerned was unable to enter the field But instead had the image of a golf player Causing the football fans to be dissatisfied with the said action In addition, the incident that triggered was celebrating the lead of the Wales national team. Go through to the Euro 2020 final with the Wales flag. Who wrote the message "Wales Golf Madrid" until the criticism that referred to the importance of golf more than the agency, which recently referred to as an open mind about this matter "Many people seem to have problems with playing golf. I don't know why because I have always talked to doctors. Which they are okay with stretching like this "But the media think golf is not good for me. I should stay home. Golf can cause me more injury. You go to see Steven Kerry (basketball player). Why does he play golf in the morning before the basketball match. Try, if it were me, played golf two days before the race I was hit as usual. "The wing of the Welsh national team is open.

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